How does the Super Kids Scholarship Program help?

  • Students acquire a sense of responsibility in respecting others.
  • Students experience the joy of being recognized by their school and significant people in the community for being positive role models and doing good deeds.
  • Students develop and understand the characteristics of honesty and trustworthiness.
  • Students become good citizens.

How does the Super Kids Scholarship Program enhance and show community involvement?

  • Community, at large, is encouraged to share good deeds students have performed in their neighborhoods, in their churches, scouting programs, etc. with community leaders.
  • Featured newspaper articles have promoted the "Super Kid" Program in a way that civic organizations and public officials have offered their assistance. Many letters have been received from various individuals from all avenues of life complimenting and supporting the program.
  • The program has generated an awareness of good citizenship which has resulted in students performing many acts of kindness in the community.
  • The Super Kids Scholarship Program encourages students, teachers, parents and community to accent the positive.
  • To look for good in all people and in all things.
  • To say NO! to negative ideas and attitudes.

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