The Super Kids Scholarship Program rewards deserving students that serve as role models for their classmates from middle school through their high school years. Super Kids consistently demonstrate:

  • Good behavior both at and away from school
  • Good work habits at and away from school
  • Courteous and cordial interaction with peers and adults
  • Consistent learning progress, dependability and punctuality
  • Honest, trustworthiness and respect for others
Good citizenship and education are the basic building blocks of an effective work force. Students who are given an opportunity for success, recognized for their achievements and are rewarded for their good deeds and positive impacts are motivated to become good role models to their peers.

For those who are chosen as ESSK scholars, the foundation will provide financial assistance in varying degrees, taking into consideration each child and their needs in regards to the school they will attend. The Foundation is flexible and our mission is to keep our scholarship winners in school.

Participation in the program is voluntary, and all schools are encouraged to participate.

Each year participating schools will have the opportunity to nominate a Super Kid for a college scholarship. The Directors of the Foundation will review the nominations and select the scholarship recipients. For more information about the Super Kids scholarship program and how to recommend a Super Kid, please contact Cheryl at


- The Foundation for Good Business wishes to honor Super Kid scholarship recipient Julianne Blackburn an award winning art and ceramics teacher. -

When introduced at the 2006 annual benefit Julianne told the attendees that it is time for her to begin paying back the Foundation for Good Business for all they had done for her. She offered to auction off replicas of her award winning porcelain vases or pitchers and donate the proceeds to the FGB Super Kids scholarship fund. You can review her work on her web site:


Ashley Crosby -
My name is Ashley Crosby. I am a senior at Mount St. Mary’s University and in May I will graduate with a degree in Biology. At the age of six, I lost my mother to Type I diabetes and it was then that I decided that I would become a doctor to make a difference in the lives of those who were sick. I knew that I would one day go to college, but I never knew what a challenge it would be to realize my dream. Fortunately, in middle school I learned about the Super Kids foundation. This foundation has provided support to my brother and me in our time of greatest need. Without this foundation, I wouldn’t be two months away from graduation and this close to achieving my dream of attending medical school and becoming a doctor. It is humbling to know that despite adversity, these challenges can be overcome with encouragement and support from such caring individuals. I am extremely grateful to have been a part of the Superkids foundation and I remain determined to reach my goal of one day becoming Ashley Crosby, M.D.

Soure Lor -
"The biggest moment of my life happened in 6th grade when I received the Super Kids Scholarship, a unique program designed to help students to become successful in business or school. It was a turning point in my life because it signify hope that I will be going off to college, the kind of education my parents couldn’t get. If I needed help, the Super Kids Scholarship would help and guide me through the process of choosing colleges to finding scholarships benefiting my life for the good. However, the Super Kids Scholarship helped me in so many different ways no other organization or program could’ve have done to help me was the fact that it distributed a $250 check to students receiving this scholarship to help out another organization by reaching to the community that needs help. Students participated in the Civics Project where half of the $250 goes to their own benefit and the other half has to go to an organization. I was able to reach out to the breast cancer awareness organization and realized the possibilities of my dreams.

The best organization I helped out was the Breast Cancer Awareness organization, where women who are diagnosed with breast cancer are the victims who are fighting for their lives. My English teacher Teresa Crump was the supervisor of the Breast Cancer Awareness Organization who was responsible for fundraising money from Stanly Early College High School. Also, Stanly Early College High School were trying to dominate Albemarle High School at the time to see who could fundraised the most money for the Breast Cancer Awareness Organization. It was getting near the time when all the money fund raiser for the school had to be turned in, when I got the check from the Super Kids Scholarship. With half of the money, I gave $150 away to the Breast Cancer Awareness. To begin with, I was short on money because Teresa Crump kept track of how much each students put into this program. I only donated one dollar at the time while a lot of people donated about fifty-something dollars. However, in the end, I was the top winner because I gave the most money away. In return, Teresa Crump gave me a big basket full of many prizes such as a free pink breast cancer shirt, pens and pencils, and candies. I was very thankful and honored that I was able to make it far because of the Super Kids Scholarship that helped me.

Lastly, the Super Kid Scholarship program helped me personally in many ways affecting my life. I knew I would be getting help and more resources from outside my community that will help me get to the place I need or want to be in. I began working really hard in school, thinking about college, and life. I keep reminding myself that this scholarship was the start of something new. It helped me decide wisely that I was going to go to the Stanly Community College as well because once I graduate within five years, I could maintain a high school diploma with an Art Associates degree transferring to a four-year university for a bachelor degree. It influenced me powerfully to strive and challenge myself considering the fact that I am a very slow learner. I was determined by this program to fight and dream on.

Overall, I am just so thankful for the Super Kid Scholarship because it opens new opportunities for me every time. I could not have done it without this program. It means a lot to me knowing that something big will be happening in my future."

Ashley Crosby

Julianne Blackburn