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Society today recognizes three types of children - the achievers, the troubled and the uncommitted. Achievers make the honor roll, the troubled are considered "problem children" with no potential. The uncommitted can go either way. They are the children who, if given a chance, may become achievers.

Given this reality, the Foundation for Good Business established the Extra Special Super Kids program in 1989 as a way of motivating uncommitted children. Nearly 20 "kids" are in college now. Since the program's inception, the Foundation for Good Business has awarded 55 scholarships to Extra Special Super Kids, many of whom are the first in their families to graduate from high school. Since these students' families are unable to provide them financial assistance, the Extra Special Super Kids scholarship may be the only way they can afford college.

Kudos to an Extra Special Super Kid!

The Foundation for Good Business wishes to honor Extra Special Super Kid scholarship recipient Julianne Blackburn an award winning art and ceramics teacher.

When introduced at the 2006 annual benefit she Julianne told the attendees that it is time for her to begin paying back the Foundation for Good Business for all they had done for her. She offered to auction off replicas of her award wining porcelain vases or pitchers and donate the proceeds to the FGB ESSK scholarship fund. You can review her work on her web site http://www.corinnesconcepts.com

Scholarship Program   Super Kid Program
The Extra Special Super Kids program rewards deserving students in the fifth through eighth grades that serve as role models for their classmates. Read more about how these kids are transformed from super kids to Extra Special Super Kids!  

During the inception of the 1985 school year, the J.H.Sampson Elementary School Staff, under the direction of Mr. Johnny Shepherd began to recognize the trend of behavior problems in the students entering the third grade.

Knowing that fighting, not returning things lost or stolen, and the lack of self-esteem are all manifestations of a particular problem or problems, and they are also outcries for help, the wheels were set into motion to identify and address the problems of as many students as possible. Learn more about how our Super Kid Program is changing lives!

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